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This Dinnerware is AMAZING and Virtually UNBREAKABLE!

Posted by RestaurantSource on June 23, 2011

 Yes, it’s true, I do get excited about restaurant equipment because I love to cook, but no joke, this Zenix “Unbreakable” Dinnerware from Cardinal is REALLY IMPRESSIVE!!

This dinnerware is virtually unbreakable due to its very high shock resistance. The fun part though is that these plates look completely normal and can be used at any occasion! I seriously could brag about these for hours, but rather then me doing that, I highly recommend checking out this demo video (or you can click the video image below) so you can really get the full effect. The video shows the effects of a steel ball hitting these plates without causing any damage at all, not even a scratch!

This dinnerware line is perfect for crowded restaurants, events or places with a lot of drunk people (ie: bars weddings, etc) because you don’t have to worry about guests accidently dropping their plates and therefore making them break or your serving staff carelessly running into people in an overcrowded and often unavoidable situation.

Have you ever seen the movie “The Wedding Planner” (I’m showing my sensitive side here) with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey? There is a scene in the movie where they are throwing plates on the floor at one of the wedding’s to intentionally destroy all the precious dinnerware. This would not have happened, had they chosen the Zenix “Unbreakable” Dinnerware!

Seriously though, you should really check this dinnerware out.  These plates and cups are unbelievable; I promise you will not be disappointed!

Zenix “Unbreakable” Dinnerware from Cardinal

12" Zenix Plate, Intensity from Cardinal 10 oz. Zenix Mug from Cardinal

Zenix “Unbreakable” Dinnerware from Cardinal Demo Video


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