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I Really Hope There Is An Open Bar…

Posted by RestaurantSource on May 16, 2011

 I just love portable bars so much for catering that I am going to recommend another one for those of you who weren’t convinced last time.  This Cambar Portable Bar from Cambro is 54” wide and comes with a 100 lb ice sink with drain.

There is a ton of storage space in this bar due to the multiple shelf spaces available in the back.  You also have the option to remove the top shelf, making it possible to store larger items in your bar.  It’s also perfect for travel because the rounded polyethylene corners and molded storage compartments are shock absorbent which prevents glass breakage during transportation.  This is fun because no caterer wants to get to the event site and find out that all of their glasses are broken and therefore either dehydrating all of the guests or forcing them to have to drink straight from the faucets…  Very unsanitary!

No assembly required making it even better for transportation, not to mention time saving!–catering/catering-furniture/mobile-bars/ProdDesc-BAR540110-63430.aspx

54" Cambar Portable Bar (black) by Cambro


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