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The World Record for the Most Hot Dogs Eaten in 10 Minutes is 68!

Posted by RestaurantSource on May 11, 2011

 Ever heard of Joey Chestnut?  What about Takeru Kobayashi?  Joey Chestnut is the current world record holder for the number of hotdogs eaten in 10 minutes.  For the record, Joey Chestnut earned the record by eating 68 hotdogs (with buns), shattering the famed Kobayashi record.

These Hot Dog Roller Grills from Centaur can prepare either 510 or 850 hot dogs per hour (depending on which size you choose)!  Even if you invite both Kobayashi and Chestnut, you will still be able to prepare enough hot dogs for everyone!

The smaller hot dog roller holds up to 30 hot dogs at once, and the larger size holds up to 50 hot dogs at once. 

Of course, you’re not limited to just hot dogs; you can also prepare delicious bratwurst, sausage, turkey dogs and even veggie dogs!  This roller is great for parties and carnival themed events.

I think I’ll make mine into a chili dog!

2 Section Reach-In Freezer from Centaur


One Response to “The World Record for the Most Hot Dogs Eaten in 10 Minutes is 68!”

  1. Joey Chestnut topped his 68 record this year by eating 69 hot dogs! Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas takes the women’s competition with 36.75 hot dogs!

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