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Cheers for Refrigeration Blowout Sale!

Posted by RestaurantSource on May 2, 2011

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, Sunday, May 8th to be exact.  What are you going to do for the big day?  Maybe you take your mom out for a nice meal that is generally larger then most other meals.  Well, if that is the case, the restaurant will need to plan in advance to make sure that they have enough space to store all the food.  That’s where this 2 Door Reach-In Refrigerator or Freezer from Centaur comes in.  Or maybe you need more refrigeration or freezer space for other reasons.  Lucky for you, Gala Source is having a huge Refrigeration blowout sale, but you will need to act fast because the sale ends on Mother’s Day!

One of the worst things is to tell a customer you had to 86 an item on the menu because you ran out.  Well, you probably ran out because you don’t have enough space to store more of it.  Both the 2 Door Reach-In Refrigerator and the 2 Door Reach-In Freezer from Centaur allows you to store food in up to 47 cu ft of space. 

Click the link below to receive your special discount code while you still can, not to mention FREE SHIPPING!

Centaur Refrigeration


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