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Nothing beats fresh fruit juice at brunch!

Posted by RestaurantSource on April 27, 2011

Tony Stromboli here again.  Do you love making fresh jellies, jams, ice cream, coulis?  What about fresh fruit juices or vegetable juices?  Well, I sure do!  Why would I buy something store bought with all kinds of preservatives in it and costs me more money when I can just make it in house?  With this Robot Coupe Cuisine Kit for the R2N Food Processor, you can make all of the above and more!

This Cuisine Kit is an excellent add on to any model in the R2N Food Processor series.  This is great because you can continue to use it even if you buy a different food processor model.  The Cuisine Kit also comes with a juicer kit that you can utilize to make fresh and delicious fruit and vegetable juices with minimal effort.–kitchen/food-preparation-equipment/food-processors/ProdDesc-27393-39442.aspx

Cuisine Kit for R2N Food Processor from Robot Coupe


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